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Tryconic Studios

Based in Hampstead, MD


Windows PC


Feature Overview

  • Randomized Enemy Components - Hand designed assets are randomly assigned to enemies to vary game-play. This applies to enemies offensive and defensive capabilities.

  • Dynamic Difficulty - The statistical likelihood of certain randomized elements change in real time depending on player statistics such as accuracy and damage taken. The system uses these stats to adapt to play styles, keeping combat dynamic and fresh.

  • Innovative Health System - A unique health system comprised of armor, trauma, and stamina. Damage taken decreases armor while increasing trauma. Stamina occupies the same gauge as trauma, so high trauma results in less available stamina. The different randomized enemy weapons do different amounts of damage to armor and trauma depending on their properties.

  • Unique, Multi-Purpose Weaponry - The Foyl Dredge is a multi-purpose weapon that can be used for both melee and ranged attacks. The randomized elements of the enemies will be designed around engaging uses of the Foyl Dredge.

  • Cause and Effect Environments - Rail Theory will have branching, open level design. The order in which the player completes areas will effect surrounding areas, changing the environments, enemy properties, and boss fights of respective regions.

     For more information and examples of these systems and how they where            incorporated into the proof of concept demo, please visit the Home page.

Game News Mailing List

Rail Theory CA Contorion-Rith-st
Rail Theory CA Ice Rith
Rail Theory CA Original Onus
Rail Theory CA Caustic Rith
Rail Theory CA First Rith
Rail Theory CA Wooden Rith
Rail Theory CA Joslynn
Rail Theory CA Mesoton
Rail Theory CA Onus
Rail Theory CA Ember Rith
Rail Theory CA Volcano Arm
Rail Theory CA Large Frost Rith
Rail Theory CA Frost Rith
Rail Theory CA Lurking Rith
Rail Theory CA Cove + Mortum Rith
Rail Theory CA Toxic Onus
Rail Theory CA Plant Rith
Rail Theory CA Orb Rith


Rail Theory is an action RPG with an innovative dynamic difficulty system. The game features several innovations designed around randomized enemy components and open level design.

Tryconic Studios

Tryconic Studios is based in Hampstead, MD and is comprised of the brothers Kurt and Austin Gantz. Having fallen in love with game development as a hobby, the Gantz brothers began working on a demo for Rail Theory, Tryconic Studios first game. The demo is meant to serve both as a proof of concept for the games innovation, as well as a skill demonstration to assure the proposed project can be delivered with the promised features.

Rail Theory Volcano Arm
Rail Theory Trade Blows
Rail Theory Distant Rith
Rail Theory Rith Melee
Rail Theory Rith
Rail Theory Toxic Onus
Rail Theory Caustic Attack
Rail Theory Cave Rith
Rail Theory Mushroom Waterfall
Rail Theory Onus
Rail Theory Fire Onus
Rail Theory Volcano Rith Encounter
Rail Theory Rith Plate
Rail Theory Onus Hammer Swing
Rail Theory Hammer Onus
Rail Theory Hammer Fire Onus
Rail Theory Mushroom Calm
Rail Theory Mushroom Tense
Rail Theory Flynn
Rail Theory Fire Onus Hammer Swing
Rail Theory Foyl Dredge Charge Shot
Rail Theory Cave Discovery
Rail Theory Caustic Rith
Rail Theory Waterfall Room Entrance
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